canonet, mon amour

small, handy, unsophisticated, classic
I have Canonet G-III QL17, "the last and most raven about" :)

manual focus is quite a challenge since I'm badly shortsighted, but it's so refreshing to use it for learning and practicing all those things you've read in books and never tried on your digital camera ;)

all photos were shot on colour film (Fuji Superia), negatives scanned and slightly postprocessed


hint of sorrow

these two photos were taken a couple of moments apart
even when she smiles, there's a hint of sorrow underneath her smile


knock knock experience

have you ever had the feeling of seeing yourselves standing there, knocking at your window to let you in? coming out of nowhere? within your touch yet unreal? or rather seemingly real but beyond touch?

welcome to the 'knock knock' experience :)


head off

for those who prayed for the rain to stop - thanks a lot, we've got some white shit falling from the skies today

two different crops and postprocessing b/c I can't decide which one I like more (if the verb "like" is appropriate here)

Jacek - niestety, mask off jeszcze nie tym razem :)



who's going nuts?
the kid licking the window glass?
the mother standing in the pouring rain and patiently taking dozens of shots?


it's not about being "cute"
it's all about feet


don't 'honey' me

think "golden"
think "liquid"
think "thick"
think "honey"

but please don't 'honey' me


my good friend Kasia, spontaneous photo session in my kids' room on a sunny winter day

in the era of digital cameras and Photoshop it's so tempting to make us, women of thirty something, look glamourous, ageless and flawless... but she's beautiful as she is, her radiant smile of a little girl, her sparkling eyes, her freckles...

Kasia agreed to take a part in my photoproject, under working theme "Professionals", keep in touch to see first results in mid February

OK, folks, that's all for today, get lost :)